professional Solicitors you can count on

Welcome to JBP Solicitors

JBP Solicitors is located in the lovely town of Peterborough and we have established strong professional relationships with law firms abroad to service our clients in the UK and overseas. We are specialised legal advisers and experts in our areas of practice.

The firm is a known private practice which offers very competitive rates. It is with great pride, which speaks volumes of our service to our clients, that the majority of clients come to us as a result of personal recommendations and referrals “word of mouth” by former and existing clients as well as through business and community links in the area including the Law Society and Solicitors Regulation Authority as well as from other communities and organisations. The firm strictly adheres to a non-discrimination policy of equality, diversity and equal opportunities.

Why choose us?

At JBP Solicitors, we place emphasis on excellence, speed of response and the need to provide a cost–effective services. We expect the highest professional standard from all our team.

We are aware that clients often look to us for more general advice in dealing with the law. We aim to ensure not only that the clients’ questions are answered, but also give in-depth guidance.

We aim to provide you with an outstanding legal service. We are legal specialists and cover a wide range of legal services.

We are friendly and approachable and really care about your legal matter and we work hard and fight to look after and protect your best legal interests. We also offer fixed, low cost and highly competitive prices.

Keep Clients‘ Goals First

We encourage our team never to lose sight of the clients’ goals and to maintain a close understanding of each client’s business. Each case is handled by a partner or other experienced member of the firm whose initials appears as the reference on the first letter acknowledging instruction. The firm aims to offer all its clients an efficient and effective services.

Call on all our Resources”The firm has the ability to call on a full range of resources and information to meet client requirements. This enables us to deal with matters quickly and efficiently and save time and money for our clients. We have invested considerable efforts in information technology. As a result all our team have terminals giving immediate access to a range of research materials.