Housing and Debt

Housing and Debt

Housing Law covers any dispute between a landlord and tenant. We cover most aspects of landlord and tenant work. We have acted for tenants though we also act for landlords, for both freeholders and leaseholders in long lease disputes and for parties in mortgage possession proceedings. Below are some of the areas in housing law that we cover though we are not limited to this list. Please contact us if you would like to discuss anything on this page or otherwise:

  • Bringing or defending county court possession proceedings
  • Applications to set aside possession orders or suspend warrants of possession (evictions)
  • Bringing claims on behalf of tenants regarding landlords’ failures to carry out repairs on a property
  • Representing homeless applicants where an application has been rejected by the local authority and liaising with local authorities
  • Acting for parties involved in leasehold disputes
  • Acting for leaseholders under the Collective Enfranchisement Regulations
  • Bringing judicial review proceedings on decisions made by local authorities
  • Providing general housing advice to either landlords or tenants
  • Bringing or defending claims under the Landlord and Tenant Act 1954
  • Defending mortgage possession proceedings
  • Processing and defending HMO licence applications
  • Checking lawfulness of attempted eviction and advising clients
  • Negotiation with landlords/lenders

We also undertake Housing Disrepair claims including

  • Advising client on possible action and likely outcomes
  • Negotiations with landlord
  • Obtaining experts reports
  • Representation at Court

Landlord Services: – These include:

  • Residential Recovery
  • Debt Recovery
  • Residential Eviction

Step 1: Service Notice (£120.00 plus VAT)

  • Solicitor’s review of papers
  • Checking for risks
  • Advice to landlords and agents if necessary
  • Notice drafting and serving

Step 2: Possession Order (£240.00 plus VAT – if we don’t serve the notice)

  • Check and review
  • Advice to landlord and agent

Step 3: Claim process

  • Applying to court
  • Completing the forms
  • Liaison with court
  • Advocacy

Accelerated Procedure – from Notice to possession stages £1250 excl VAT and court fees. (S.21 based notice).

Step 4: Section 8 or Non-accelerated s.21 Claims from Notice to possession stages and advocacy. (£1400 plus VAT).

Step 5: Bailiffs (£300.00 excluding VAT and court fees)

An application can only be made to court if the tenant does not leave after a Possession Order has been granted to the landlord.

Step 6: High Court bailiffs/Sheriffs £500.00 excluding VAT and court fees

We can apply for a writ of possession through the high court for enforcement

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